Saturday, February 25, 2012

Divided we are Failing

   February is ‘Black History Month’, and I’m surprised that some PC-overdosed, self-righteous individual out there isn’t screaming for it to be called ‘African-American History Month’.

   And what about ‘Hispanic-American History Month’?

   How long before we must also endure ‘Asian-American’, or ‘Middle-Eastern-American’, or even ‘Other-Race-American’? (God knows we’ll never have ‘European-American’)

   Do you see where I’m going with this? No? Okay, then let me be just a tad more obvious.

   Some brilliant individual once stated that “United we stand, but divided we fall.” (Aesop originally said in in one of his fables, but Patrick Henry was the person most Americans attribute it to, but that’s not the point.)

   In the original woodcut that the now-famous Gadsden (Don’t Tread on Me) Flag borrowed from, Benjamin Franklin depicted a snake severed into several parts, these parts representing the various colonies. Franklin was trying to tell the people that they had to put aside their individuality and form together as a WHOLE, with the diverse issues of the people of the individual colonies secondary to the issue that was most important…


   And yet everywhere we look nowadays, some group is out screaming for its recognition as a separate part, rather than becoming a part of the whole. The whole, in this case, being our country...

   Diversity is NOT always a good thing. Not back in Franklin’s time, and most assuredly, NOT in our world today.

   I’m certain that a few people reading this are screaming “White Racist Slave-monger” by now, but nothing could be further from the truth.

   Diversity has created a chasm within our country among the average AMERICAN citizens. Why must we draw attention to pointless, superficial differences, when we are all, first and foremost, AMERICANS?

   Why, rather than calling ourselves African , Hispanic, Asian, or European, drawing attention to our differences, can we not simply take pride in being called AMERICANS?

   “Divide and Conquer.” Ever heard that? That was said by Julius Caesar as he prepared to cross the Rubicon and enter Rome, changing it from a Republic into an Empire. Caesar divided the people from the Senate on issues and ended up conquering Rome in mere days.

   But that could never happen here, right?

   Are you sure it hasn’t already?

   At the time of this writing, Americans, ALL Americans, are more heavily split over socio-economic issues than any time in our county’s history, and many of the edumacated, degree-heavy, pontificators of theorems continue to exacerbate the problem by insisting that we must “Envelope our individual and cultural diversities and cling to them, remaining true to our native heritage, and never allowing ourselves to become indoctrinated into the masses and losing our grip on our true culture.”

   What a crock of shit.

   I’m not going the belabor the issues of unfair hiring practices and quotas in this blog, nor am I going to call attention to the purposeful incitement of racial tensions, many brought about by some of the well-known civil rights groups (the ACLU being the biggest inciter of these) in our country.

   I’m also not going to share my disgust over the foreign flags flying over people’s homes or businesses, or the language barriers that have resulted by those that refuse to learn to communicate with fellow Americans.
   And I'm certainly NOT going to go off on illegal immigrants.

   Rather I’m going to tell you a story…

   There once was a cook, a great cook, who was about to share his latest creation with the rest of the world. A stew. A stew unlike any others ever before, one that combined ingredients from all over the world.

   He set about preparing his stew, but a man that liked salt came to him and said “You need more salt. The salt brings out flavors.”

   So, wanting to please the man, he added more salt.

   “You need more pepper,” Another told him, one that liked pepper, so, again, wanting to please the man, he added more pepper.

   “More celery,” one said. “More meat,” said another. “No, the basil overwhelms the thyme, add more.” And so it went, on and on, the cook making certain that each ingredient stood out.

   The time came to present the stew before all the world, and people lined up to taste this fabulous creation.

   And each of them spat the stew out of their mouths onto the ground, saying that it was “Too salty,” or “Too much pepper,” or even “Not enough basil.”

   The cook’s reputation was ruined, so he went home and opened up a tire dealership, vowing to never again cook. His wife left him, the bank foreclosed on his home, and he ended up hustling blowjobs on the streetcorner before finally dying from an overdose of heroin and his body was run over by a garbage truck.

   Do you get it yet? If so, let me know.

   If you disagree with my observations, well, that’s your right, as an AMERICAN.

   Sic vis Pacem, Parabellum (or is that Pac-Man?)

   Wiley (Coyote)



  1. !!!!! How many times did I hate writing papers about equality and affirmative action and hate sitting through Criminal Justice cases that dealt with profiling for this very same reason!!! We're dividing ourselves!

  2. I take it your unit isn't able to get down to the 150ths. How do the Yank's like having Rebs around?

  3. We actually do go to a few. We did 1st Manassas last year and several of us are doing Fredricksburg this year.
    The Yanks have a good time with it, and it's funny because I'm one of only 3 actual Southerners in the Confederate organization.